Proper Prayer Posture

Matthew 7:7-11

There are countless verses of Scripture in the Bible, that teach us how to receive answers for our prayers, from God. Whether we ask, seek, knock, fast, meditate, perform good deeds, worship, or praise, there’s a requirement that must first be met, in order for our prayers to reach God ears, and merit a legit response. God is holy, and demands that His children be holy as well. Just as a good parent seeks only good for their children, God cares for the church as a good Father should. But, in order to justly receive all God has stored up for us, we must be free from sin. Free, not in a sense that we’re perfect, or mistake-free, but free as in forgiven, born-again, and striving to do God’s will daily.

Oftentimes, men pray amiss, and seek things that will only please their selfish desires, but God blesses us, so that we can be a blessing to others, while bringing glory to His name as well. Even children born into wealthy families have rights to obtain an inheritance, but certain behaviors must still be maintained, in order to receive what’s due to them, at the appropriate time. The prophet Isaiah understood this when he wrote, “But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear” (Isaiah 59:2). When we live outside of the will of God, He’s not obligated to hear, nor answer anything we cry out to Him. This is similar to a parent being asked for a treat, from a child with consistent unruly behavior. A good parent understands, rewarding children for bad behavior is not a common standard, and could possibly encourage the child to continue in their unhealthy habits (although there are times when you can actually show kindness to a child who’s deserving of punishment, and shock them back into reality). When we learn to desire only those things that are pleasing to God, then He’ll be more inclined to listen to our requests, and bless us accordingly.

So, when you pray to God, what do you ask, and seek from Him. Do you make petitions for things to make your name great, and draw attention to your own plans, or do you desire things that will benefit yourself, and others, spiritually and naturally as well?

Walk in love,


2 thoughts on “Proper Prayer Posture

  1. Amen, this is very true. As long we are in God’s Will, He wont let us down. He will answer our prayer in His timing. We just have to trust Him. So, when we come before God, it should be done with a contrite spirit (Psalms 51:17) and with unwavering belief. Because He is please with our faith and humble heart. May all Glory be unto God!!! 💖😇🙏🏽😇💖

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