Never Let Go

Isaiah 42:1-9

The confidence, strength, and endurance that fueled Jesus, as He traversed that lonely road to the cross, was instilled into Him by God, the creator. Not only did God have full confidence, that His Son would be faithful to His mission, but the Lord Himself, guided Christ every step of the way. The very soul of God, was delighted in Jesus, so much that He put His spirit upon Him, to carry out life-changing tasks. Did I just menton, “the soul of God”? God indeed does have a soul, just like the people He created. He has feelings, emotions, and desires, similar to all other intelligent beings.

Throughout His temporary journey on the earth, Jesus knew, that with God leading Him, He would maintain confidence, and not fail His mission. All who are in Christ, have the assurance, that God will lead, and guide them in the ways they should go. Although we may have different missions, all believers strive to reach the same goal. God called us to proclaim His Word, and be examples of holiness and righteousness, so that those who are lost, can see light from their valleys of darkness.

Just as God was confident in Jesus, He also knows that you can be faithful to the end, as well. When your confidence is in God, and not in your own wisdom, you’ll be led on the righteous path, all the days of your life. Never let go of God’s hand.

Walk in love,



Isaiah 42:10-17

Fanatics of all sports, rave, root, and cheer, as they watch their favorite teams compete for victory. Whether their team’s probability of success is high, or low, fans typically express their unyielding support regardless. While sports team’s can’t guarantee their fans certain victory, the body of Christ can rest assured, the battle against evil, is already won! The praise, glory, and honor believers render to God, is never in vain, and actually pleases the Lord. The Scripture teaches that God inhabits, or takes residence in the praises of His people. When we offer pure praise and worship to the Father, He in turn shows His appreciation by daily loading us with benefits. How many times has your favorite sport team done anything for you, without a price tag attached to it? Unlike teams, that have a possibility to win, or lose, God is undefeated, and He never charges us for anything. His salvation, love, joy, peace, and mercy are all free of charge. The next time you prepare to lose your voice for the Dolphins, Eagles, or Patriots, reconsider screaming those cheers toward Heaven.

Walk in love,



Matthew 12:15-21

“IN GOD WE TRUST”, is the official motto of the United States of America, and has been printed on US paper currency since 1957. Melkote Ramaswamy, a Hindu American scholar, wrote that the presence of the phrase “In God We Trust” on American currency is a reminder that “there is God everywhere, whether we are conscious or not.” While this phrase appears spiritually relevant on the surface, I’m certain the founders of this “great” country, didn’t share the same beliefs, as the true God above.

Many use the name of the Lord, only in situations that benefit their selfish motives, but even more fail to truly give reverence to the glory His name holds. Even in courts, the Bible is used as a prop, by which men solemnly swear to tell the whole truth, during times of questioning. If this country truly trusted in God, then the entire governmental organization would be set up totally different. Love would be at the forefront of every law, bill, or statute passed, if God ruled in the hearts of men. There would be no need for population control (COVID-19), if God’s will was engraved in the hearts of our leaders. Political parties would be nonexistent, and the unnecessary bickering and backstabbing between Republicans and Democrats, would cease to exist.

When men allow God to lead, all things are done decently, and maintain proper order. We can’t control the hearts of those who have rule over us, but we can control our own. Keep your trust in God, and not only in what He can do for you, but because of who He is. God is love, life, truth, and offers everything we need, to sustain the times. “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God” (Psalm 20:7).

Walk in love,


The Pride Of Life

Luke 11:42-44

Pride embodies the characteristics of an individual, who knowingly ignores just actions, and a righteous attitude, in order to satisfy self-righteous motives and desires. Pride inevitably leads to arrogance, which causes many to promote their own abilities and concerns above everyone else’s. Over time, arrogance takes the form of high-mindedness, haughtiness, and disrespect. At this point, an individual is beyond reproach, and have settled into a hardened state of hypocrisy. All actions and behaviors that proceed from a hypocrite, will never prove beneficial to anyone, except themselves.

The most prominent group of hypocrites Jesus encountered often were, the Pharisees. These men preached false doctrines, that caused many innocent souls to waver from faith in God. They took pride in appearing relevant and well-respected to crowds, by giving consistent tithes, sitting in higher seats in synagogues, and meandering through the markets, only to bask in the praise and greetings of the people. Rather than seek vain glory, or appear righteous before men, the Pharisees should have focused more on their neglect for judgment, and the love of God. This religious group knew right from wrong, as well as what God expected from them, yet they couldn’t separate themselves from the snares satan had them trapped in.

Turning from evil to good, requires a choice, followed by consistent righteous living. Although the Pharisees were known for their hypocrisy, they were given ample time to remove the evil from their hearts. God’s grace and mercy is still relevant today, and many have been given time to turn from evil, to good. Whether they decide to surrender their hearts to God, is based upon their choice. Death and life have been placed before all men, and I strongly suggest everyone choose life.

Walk in love,


House Of Prayer

Mark 11:15-19

The gathering of Saints in one place, was originally purposed for the body of Christ, to receive God’s Word, as well as offer praise, prayer, and thanksgiving, for who He is, and all He does for His people. Church was one of the most significant establishments set by God, so that unity could thrive, and remain constant among believers, throughout all generations. The church Jesus will soon return for, is a like-minded people, who’s faith, hope, and trust, is in the God of all creation.

The representation of what church was in the past, has taken on a new, yet familiar look, in modern times. Prayer, praise, and thanksgiving, have been set aside for ramblings, opinions, and money schemes from corrupt leaders. Similar to the days of Jesus, when He witnessed the House of prayer being changed into a den of thieves, churches today are operating under those same practices. Rather than seek God, and trust Him for directions, the people are directed to look for ways to make a quick buck.

There’s power in unity, and when the Holy Spirit works through two or three, great things can happen. This temporary quarantine, may offer a few benefits to improve the family structure, but we must not forget, God’s house needs to be cleaned up as well.

Walk in love,


Humility Is Key

Matthew 21:1-11

Celebrities are treated as kings and queens in America, and around the world. Athletes, rappers and singers, and even television and movie stars, receive royal treatment almost everywhere they go. Men and women alike, cry, scream, and lose themselves when a celebrity graces their presence. Oftentimes, businesses would render free, and expensive gifts to some, simply because they are considered famous. That sucks for those who are “regular Joes”, because most celebrities can afford anything they want. But, such is life. It’s sad how the average celebrity expects to be highly recognized, when entering an arena, walking out on stage, or just in the general public, because they are human, just as we are, but most have given up their morals and values, for the mighty dollar. It’s rare you’ll find a humble, and generous celebrity these days, because the love of money has caused many to set aside morality, for selfishness, but there’s one celebrity who regularly shunned the spotlight, and allowed His works to speak on His behalf.

When Jesus prepared to make His triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, His purpose was not to draw attention to Himself, at least not for selfish reasons. He could have chosen to enter Jerusalem, riding on a fine chariot, with the finest steeds, or trot in on a towering elephant, but His humble nature would never allow Him to succumb to the pleasures of men. Instead, the Savior sent His disciples to claim a donkey, and a colt (the donkey’s offspring) to use as He made His grand entrance. During those days, and even now, donkeys weren’t considered the choice means of transportation, for men of great stature and relevance, but Jesus knew the importance of His mission, and would not allow pride, nor ignorance to hinder Him from fulfilling His assignment.

The average person sees value based on outward appearance, but Jesus knew, the donkey was a symbol of determination and strong will. Donkeys are very dedicated, and they seem to not tire easily. These same characteristics of the donkey, were what Jesus put on full display; humility, dedication, determination, strong will, and endurance (I can safely assume, many of you never looked at it from that perspective).

God didn’t send Jesus to the earth to become popular to the world, nor to build His reputation to celebrity status. The problem many Christians have is, they feel the need to blend in with the world’s system, in order to appear attractive. But, that’s the opposite of what Christ came to do. The Son of God stuck out like a sore thumb, because He went against all of man’s doctrine, and delivered the unadulterated words from His Father.

We don’t have to be popular to the world, nor strive to be famous, to be relevant. Living for God makes us relevant by default, and He’ll exalt those who love Him, at the appropriate time. I advise all believers to walk in love, and humility, while following in the footsteps of Christ, all the days of your life.

Walk in love,


Faith Makes The Difference

Hebrews 11:29-35

What keeps you holding yourself together, when storms invade your life? How do you maintain composure, when everything around you seems to fall apart? How do you continue pushing forward, when tests, trials, and trouble press hard against you? What motivates you to get out of bed, in spite of global terror, and pursue peace in the midst of it? Why do you smile in the face of danger? Why haven’t you given up on your hopes and dreams, when they seem unreachable? Why aren’t you phased by the corruption in our governments? Who, or what keeps you standing?

Throughout history, men and women of God, have achieved the unachievable, attained the unattainable, and accomplished things that seemed to be impossible, all by faith. By faith, the children of God can do ANYTHING! The Bible has numerous examples of men who were heavily underestimated by the world, yet did great things through faith, in the power of God. The text mentions the faith Rahab had, in God’s deliverance, Gideon in miraculous victory, Barak in triumph, Samson in supernatural strength, Jephthah in boldness, David in God’s reliability, and Samuel in God’s integrity.

God has ALL power, and He loves to express His unmatched authority through His people. This is one reason why we were created in His very own image, and after His likeness, so that we can also experience the glory of His awesome power for ourselves.

Now, is not a time for panic, even though the media amplifies fear. Instead, we should have faith in the power of God to first, keep His people safe, so that we can be used by Him, to do great things during these troubled times. Now, is also a great time, for the Saints of God to shine bright, and reveal to the world, the power of our everlasting Father! Have faith in God, and never give in to the pressures of this world.

Walk in love,