Have A Heart

Luke 11:5-13

Why are people so mean these days? Have you thought about that lately? I’m not too sure how things went on back in the olden days, but from my experiences growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, men showed a bit more respect for one another, than they do today. Fathers taught their sons proper work ethics, and how to be kind and courteous to women, and mothers would show their daughters the ways of womanhood. Far gone are the days of “yes sir”, and “no ma’am”, because children aren’t being taught to respect their elders. Instead, are youth are being groomed by Disney and Nickelodeon, rather than good old fashioned wisdom, and Bible teachings. Old cartoons usually conveyed chivalry by showing a man laying down his coat over water, so a woman’s feet wouldn’t get wet, or by young boys holding doors open for elderly women. Those virtues are hardly seen today, because men have become selfish, and more self-centered than ever before.

In my 38 years of journeying on this planet, I’ve learned, the farther men drift away from God, the more inclined they are to entertain immoral, and unethical behaviors, but the closer they remain to the Father, the more apt they are to show love and kindness by default. Jesus taught that friends are to always be there for each other, even if it comes at a cost. When you say love someone, there will ALWAYS come opportunities for that love to be proven. Our text gives a few examples of the proper way to handle friends in need, and the importance of showing kindness to those in desperate situations. If I’m hungry, and come to a friend in the wee hours of the night for food, is it right for them to shun me away saying, “it’s too late”, or give me a bag of rocks? Not at all. Instead, they should make it top priority to see that my need is met, especially if they have more than enough to spare. This is especially relevant for the body of Christ. No brother, or sister joined to God, should ever deny a fellow believer assistance (within reason, obviously). Even if you can’t personally assist someone, the least you can do is help point them in a direction where help can be rendered.

If you claim to have the love of God residing in your heart, it should ALWAYS show in your actions. Remember to treat all men the way you desire to be treated, and love them with the same love God shows you every day.

Walk in love,


2 thoughts on “Have A Heart

  1. Amen, this lesson is so true. I miss seeing clips of cartoons characters or man laying down their coat over the puddle of water. The act of kindness should always start when you are young. But even as a adult, I personally feel if I can not do anything else right before God, at least I can try to be kind and loving to people I know and dont know. Thats the least we can do, is to be kind to one another. So I pray that God will continue to pour His unending love and kindness to us all. As we continue to give God all the glory He deserve!!! ❤😇🙏🏽😇❤

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