Like A Boss!!!

Numbers 3:11-13

Questions: Why did God create the heaven, and the earth? Why did God organize the sun, moon, stars, seas, land, trees, plants, and animals the way they are, even today? Why did God create a man? Why did God create a man in His image, after His likeness, and with the freedom to choose? Why did God put the man to sleep, then remove a rib from his body (the lower rib, which is capable of regeneration… cool, right?), and create a woman (man with a womb)? Why did God give the man dominion over the whole earth? Why did God kill an animal, in order to clothe the man and woman, after they had sinned (when they saw they were naked)? Why did God shorten the lifespan of man, after removing them from their godly habitation? Why did God continue to bless the man and woman, even after they willingly sinned in His sight? Why did God tell Noah to build an ark, when no man had ever seen rain? Why did God command Abraham to leave his country, kindred, and his father’s house, in order for his purpose to be initiated? Why did God tell Moses (even with his speech impediment), to confront Pharoah, and demand that he release the children of God from slavery? Why did God allow Joseph to suffer, rather than make his path to glory easy? Why did God allow Job to suffer greatly, while even losing his ten children? Why did God forgive king David, after getting a man killed, to cover up his affair with that same man’s wife? Why did God entrust king Solomon with more wisdom than any man who ever lived? Why did God speak so vividly through the prophets, trusting that they would deliver His words, just as He had spoken them? Why did God send His Son, to save a world that cares more for themselves, than His everlasting love? Why did God deposit His power into 12 “Average Joes”, and allow them to perform miracles by His Son’s name? Why did God allow His only begotten Son to be beaten, bruised, abused, tortured, shamed, embarrassed, speared, spit on, mocked, ridiculed, slandered, and disrespected publicly? Why did God provide a plan of salvation, so that all could have the opportunity and privilege to come to repentance? Why did God allow you to be born? What makes you so special, until God wanted you to exist in a time such as this? Have you ever considered, you are still here to help reveal the power and majesty of the everlasting God to men of this perverse generation? Have you wondered why those goals and dreams you’ve been trying to reach since graduating high school, have yet to be attained? Could it be, God has other plans in mind for your life? Why does God allow sin to run rampant in the earth? Why won’t He just empower all His people to zap away every demonic force forever? Why does God rain on the just, and the unjust? Why did God preserve His Word, all these years? Answer: Because He’s the Boss!!!

Keep your chin up… it’s easier to see Heaven that way,


Work Work, Sweat Sweat!

Ecclesiastes 3:9-15

In the beginning, God made everything beautiful! All the inhabitants of the earth, were masterfully created by the everlasting Father Himself. The earth was originally made in a self-sustaining state, so that man could enjoy it forever, without working to maintain it. Unfortunately, that pretty picture didn’t last too long, after the man gave in to deception, and sinned against God.

From the time of Adam and Eve’s eviction from the Garden of Eden, to now, men are required to work, in order to maintain a living in the earth. Work can be a hassle at times, but our reward comes in the form of a paycheck. With that paycheck, we are then able to accommodate a decent living (in most cases). The Bible teaches, if a man doesn’t work, then he doesn’t eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10). In other words, lazy people will suffer, because their lack of consistent work, won’t grant them the resources they need to survive.

Although Adam messed things up for all of us, God honors our work ethics, and endorses the command for us to enjoy the fruit of our labor. I know…I know… life sucks, people are wicked, the government is evil, the world is coming to an abrupt end, so why should I focus on being consistent on a job that’ll eventually fade away into nonexistence? Surprisingly, the wisest man who ever lived felt this same way. King Solomon had a moment when he hated life! Can you believe that? In his own words, he said, “Therefore, I hated life; because the work that is wrought under the sun is grievous unto me: for all is vanity and vexation of spirit.” (Proverbs 2:17). I’m not certain whether or not the great king was going through mid-life crisis, but he literally pondered the reasoning behind working for vain things, when everything he worked for would be left for others to enjoy.

We all go through those moments, when we are tired of the cycles of life, but God never gets tired of seeing His children prosper. Whether they be at work, school or university, or taking the message of His Gospel around the world, the people of God can honor Him in whatever capacity of life they find themselves. While we all have to work, let’s do it considering the fact that we will get paid (lol), but most importantly, God can use us on our jobs, or wherever we are, to influence others to get closer to Him. Take pride in what you do to earn a living, and treat yourself from time to time. God knows the struggle is real, but He also knows you can handle it.

Keep your chin up… it’s easier to see Heaven that way,


What Time Is It?

Ecclesiastes 3:2-8

The human life is composed of a culmination of varying times, and seasons. One day we’re born, then 60 to 90 years later, we die. During those precious years of life, we experience seasons of good, bad, ugly, and unbelievable! Without the knowledge of God and His Word, the average person lives according to a preconceived social standard. It’s common for those who are lost, to set their affections on things of the earth, because their understanding of life is limited to their own wisdom, and what they gather as societal norms.

The average human goes through seasons of natural growth and development, education, puberty, sickness, health, weeping, laughing, celebrating, mourning, marriage, divorce, weight gain, weight loss, stress, depression, hair gain, hair loss, happiness, sadness, and a long list of other seasons of life. The Christian, on the other hand, experiences all those same seasons, but maintain a different outlook concerning them. While the lost soul lives through many seasons, with little to no hope for life after death, the children of God understand that seasons of suffering and times of plenty, are all used as a means to fulfill the will of the Father. I often mention, suffering comes as a package deal for the believer, because Christ endured the most intense suffering, as He hung and died for our sins. So, in order to walk in the ways of Christ, we too must endure seasons of trial and suffering also.

What many Christians fail to grasp is, seasons are just that, moments in time. Every season has a set time to accomplish what it was intended to do. In my life, I’ve experienced seasons I thought would never end, but God allowed me to learn and grow from within each season, so that my time of struggling and suffering would not have been in vain.

I have no idea what time it is in your life, nor what season God has you in at this moment, but know this; whatever you’re facing right now will only last for a season, and while you’re going through, take note of things you can learn, that will make you better after God brings you out. It may sound cliché, but God WILL bring you out of the season you’re in. Even if you’re experiencing times of joy and plenty, always be prepared to possibly face a scheduled season of humility.

Keep in mind, “This World Is Not Our Home”; we’re just passing through. So, don’t get too caught up in trying to live the “American Dream”, or hope to live in seasons of wealth and abundance only, but set your affections on things above, where your eternal season will be basking in the presence of God, and all His glory!

Keep your chin up… it’s easier to see Heaven that way,


Saved For A Purpose

Matthew 11:7-19

Hey born-again man, and sanctified woman… guess what? The world hates you! Do you wanna know why? Well, it’s simple. The world hates you, because you walk, talk, and act like Jesus. That’s it! You are a living example of what holiness is in the 21st century, and satan can’t stand it! He and his minions have been trying to silence the message of the Gospel for thousands of years. Every day you get out of bed, demons devise plans to wreck your day, but they are hardly successful, because God has angels watching over you, and fighting in the realm of the spirit, on your behalf.

You, mighty man, and virtuous woman, are the reason why the devil works diligently to thwart the plan of God. God has already passed judgment on the devil and his demonic accomplices, but until the day of judgment comes, the enemy roams free, seeking only to bring the children of God down with him. Have you ever seen, or heard of a situation where a person was drowning, and when someone came to rescue them, they panicked, causing their rescuer to drown with them? Well, satan is doomed, and is frantically attacking the church, in hopes that they will fall out of right standing with God, and spend eternity with him, in the lake of fire. I hate to burst satan’s bubble, but you, man of valor, and highly favored woman, are too focused, and motivated on fulfilling God’s will for your life, and you will not bow down to the forces of evil and wickedness!

This is the generation the prophets of old would love to experience, because these are the days when, “I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:” (Acts 2:17). I say to you courageous man, and faithful woman, be strong in the Lord, and in His mighty power. God sits high, and is observing all that’s going on in the earth. He is neither surprised, nor caught off guard by the goings on of mankind. But, God is watching you, redeemed man and woman, to see how you will conduct yourselves in these end times.

Will you fall short, after running the race faithfully for years? Will you break and give in to the pressures of this perverse society? Or, will you stand strong and be bold, as the apostles were as they faced persecution on levels far beyond anything we’ve ever experienced? Know this; you are special to God, and He is your biggest supporter. Make Him proud of you, by living according to righteousness, no matter how rough and tough your life may get, knowing that it’ll all be worth it, in the end.

Keep your chin up… it’s easier to see Heaven that way,


Come To Jesus

Matthew 11:25-30

As men and women journey through life, they’ll eventually run into a few situations, where someone will make attempts to sell them something that always sounds “too God to be true”. Whether it be a used car salesman, credit card offer, or some other promotion, nothing can compare to the true value found in Christ Jesus. Advertisers present catchy phrases and gimmicks, in order to draw you into their presence, so they can then ensnare you in their web of manipulation. But, Jesus gives exactly what He offers, and with no fine print, or strings attached.

In Christ, you can rest assured, that His words will remain true, and the God of heaven and earth will be revealed to us, through His Son Jesus. From our text, it’s implied that the body of Christ is to take Jesus at His word, while accepting His invitation of peace, relief, and rest. While taking on the yoke of Christ, believers will also discover that it’s not as pressing as some may assume. Luke tells us, “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost” (19:10 KJV). Christ cares for us, and desires that we learn of Him, so that we can maintain a balanced spiritual lifestyle. Unfortunately, problems arise when men refuse to learn of Christ, thus submitting themselves to their own wisdom, and the authority of our adversary.

If satan could have his way with us, as he did with Job, he would literally kill, steal, and destroy everything in our lives that keep us close to God. Thankfully, Jesus was the means by which our sins were forgiven, and He is the mediator between God and men. Because of Christ, God provides His best protection for us, to keep us safe from all manner of evil. If you need love, come to Jesus. If you need peace, come to Jesus. If you need strength, come to Jesus. If you need rest, come to Jesus.

Keep your chin up… it’s easier to see Heaven that way,


Get Right With God

Matthew 11:20-24

All the mighty works Jesus performed from city to city during His brief time on the earth, were not done to make a name for Himself (He was already given a name that was greater than every name), instead, His sole purpose was to invoke change in the hearts of men, in hopes that they would repent. It’s important to note, Jesus never allowed pride to get ahead of Him as He ministered, because He was fully aware that God’s business was always priority over all else. If the only begotten Son of God never made attempts to promote Himself, then why are so many church leaders today, trying so hard to puff themselves up amongst their congregations, as well as in the world?

The purpose of pastors and leaders is to rightly divide the Word of truth, so that the members can grow in their understanding of what God expects from them, also to become better equipped, as they go out and win lost souls. It’s sad and unfortunate how many who stand in pulpits, will soon be judged because of their unbelief. Just because a man wears a nice suit, spews a few 50 dollar words, then shouts and sweats until someone in the audience runs up and throws money at his feet, doesn’t mean he’s going to Heaven. The Bible declares, “And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” (Matthew 24:11-12).

Judgment is coming to the world, but it’s first stop is at the house of God. “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?” (1 Peter 4:17).

Keep your chin up… it’s easier to see Heaven that way,


Follow In His Steps

Matthew 11:1-6

Sin left unchecked, can cause a man to commit some of the most damnable, and heinous acts. For this reason, those who have obtained knowledge of God, and are aware of the mysteries of the scriptures, should avoid sin at all costs. Salvation was granted to men, not for the purpose of abusing God’s unmerited favor, but so that mankind could be restored to their rightful place in God’s kingdom, and then have their true potential unlocked, so that God could get the most, and best out of their lives.

In the words of the infamous Earl Carter, “sin makes you stupid”. This is indeed factual. When we give in to the devil’s temptation, he sets us up for failure, then sits back, and watches us make fools of ourselves. I won’t even go into details explaining that, because… you know. All have sinned, and been left looking stupid, falling short of God’s glory. The more we mess up, the less time we have to perform good works. God wants us to make His name glorious in the earth, but only until our lives mirror the life of Christ, can we even begin to impact the kingdom of God in a positive way.

Contrasting the aforementioned results of sin by Earl Carter, walking in obedience to God makes one wise. When a believer acknowledges God in all their ways, then makes decisions based on the wisdom from above, it’s not likely they’ll slip and trip very often. In fact, they’ll probably be hated more than anything, by the world, and those who appear as sheep, but are wolves in disguise.

God guides His people on the paths of most resistance. This isn’t done because He wants to see innocent men suffer, but it’s because satan is anti-God, and will try everything within his power to use the church, to tear down God’s great name. What better way is there to defame the name of a parent, than to taint the names of their children?

The Saints of the most high God, must maintain His holy and righteous standard in these last and evil days. While we may not be able to give sight to the blind, make the lame walk, heal lepers, or restore hearing to the deaf, we can expound on the opportunity to preach the Gospel to the poor. Jesus was able to do all those miraculous things in His own divine power, but we, through His Spirit, can continue His legacy of winning men’s hearts to the Lord, through our bold and unadulterated proclamations.

Let your light shine, by promoting the message of the Gospel to the world. Your life is relevant, and has great purpose, but you must first realize, God allowed you to be in existence, not for your own pleasure, but to bring glory to His name. When our thoughts become subject to God’s authority, and our ways begin to follow after the footsteps of Christ, then we’ll begin to realize the true meaning of life; heaven and earth will soon pass away, but the Word of God will save us from eternal damnation.

Keep your chin up… it’s easier to see Heaven that way,


This Is He…

Luke 7:24-28

Are you familiar with the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? As a kid, I preferred to select books that had cool, colorful, and appealing covers. This was because, I expected the contents of the book to be worth reading, if the cover was enticing enough to catch my attention. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case. In essence, this phrase warns of the danger of passing judgment on a person based on their outer appearance, without gaining full knowledge of who they really are.

Take a moment to think back over your life, and consider those whom you prematurely passed judgment on, then found them to be pretty cool characters. One such character in the Bible who was prejudged because of his appearance was, John the Baptist. Unlike men who “preach” or “prophecy”, while choosing to dress in the finest apparel, eat choice meals, and make themselves known for self gratification and status, John chose rather to adorn himself in the most modest of garments (camel’s hair and a leather belt), eat rustic food (locust and wild honey), and preferred to preach and prophesy in the wilderness, rather than from the pulpit. Jesus, Himself was recorded as quoting, “For I say unto you, Among those that are born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist:” (vs. 28a). This comparison of greatness is not absolute, but relative to certain aspects of the parties involved. In other words, there were other prophets who’s ministries were great as well, but Jesus was referring to the simple fact that John’s privilege and position to represent the Messiah made him greater than all the other prophets.

You and I may not have been called to be great prophets or the like, but we were commanded to be great in our duties as representatives of Christ. In this life, men may not recognize you for moral character, holy living, or obedience to God, but rest assured, God has read all the pages from the book of your life, and He knows how great your end will be!

Keep your chin up… it’s easier to see Heaven that way,


Soon, The Sighs Will Cease

Isaiah 35:3-10

Soon, and very soon, all our troubles in this life will be over. The long days and nights of struggling to make ends meet, will forever be changed, when Christ comes to receive His church. On that day, there will be no more stressing, worrying, wondering, contemplating, pondering, wishing, hoping, doubting, disbelieving, crying, moaning, hurting, yelling, screaming, shaking, kicking, running, hiding, or blocking out anything and everything that could potentially push us over the edge.

Soon, and very soon, the things we thought mattered in this world, will mean absolutely nothing. We concern ourselves with all the distractions the enemy floods in media streams, and cause ourselves to lose focus on the simple fact that God is still in control, while Bible prophecy fulfills itself. We lose hope in the power of God, when we make life’s problems bigger than He is, but His mercy is everlasting, and He knows that we are only human, and can only take so much. But, there’s no excuse to lose heart, even in a world of unyielding wickedness, because many before us endured worse situations than we’ll ever face.

Soon, and very soon, we won’t have to sigh anymore, because, “…God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away” (Rev 21:4). Soon, the sighs will cease, then the rest of our days will be lived enjoying the presence of the almighty, all-powerful, and all-knowing God of all creation!

Don’t give up! Don’t give in! Do not quit! You’ve ran the race well this long, so trust God to give you strength to finish.

Keep your chin up… it’s easier to see Heaven that way,


The Unpopular Gospel

Matthew 10:16-23

Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ has never been popular in the world. Since the days of the disciples, even now, men have chosen to go after the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, rather than submit themselves to the authority of God. Knowing that the world will always reject the Word of God, presents problems for those who make attempts to deliver it. Jesus warned His disciples, as they went out to preach, they’d no doubt suffer persecution, because those who were actually supposed to support them, were only using religion to gain status, and relevance among men. The message of the Gospel goes against the selfish doctrines men set as the authority during the time of Christ. But, Christ knew it would not be easy for His disciples to be accepted, and forewarned them of their inevitable opposition.

Majority of biblical events happened for a certain people, and a particular time, but this text can be applied to our day, as there are stark similarities in how Jesus described the people back then, to how men are today. Men who preached the Bible according to God’s command, were never accepted by the wolves who lurked in assemblies, seeking only to make profit off the people of God. Despite how impactful the Spirit of God works through a man, it’ll never penetrate the heart of someone unwilling to repent. The message of the Gospel also caused divisions in families, because while some had a heart to follow after righteousness, others loved darkness, rather than light. Jesus continued to warn His disciples how they would be hated by the world, but for His name’s sake, and if they endured to the end, they would be saved.

A true messenger of God will not deliver words to make a person feel good. Instead, they’ll try hard to convince all who are gathered in their midst, that the Word of God is true, sin separates men from God, and salvation is mandatory, in order to see the Lord in peace. Out of all the words that spew from a man’s lips, if his intentions are focused more on profit and prosperity, rather than soul salvation, then he’s more likely a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Keep your chin up… it’s easier to see Heaven that way,