Good Representation

Psalm 38

How well do you represent godly living in all areas of your life? Can your family, coworkers, neighbors and friends easily tell whether you are dedicated to living a life of holiness, or not? It’s easy to look the part of a believer in church, or amongst those gathered for religious purposes, but how well do you represent godliness outside of the church walls, and in the company of those who do not share your beliefs? Are you easily entertained by unhealthy conversations at work, or do family members know the right buttons to push, that will cause you to act out of character? Representing God in a fallen world isn’t always easy, but if one diligently commits to doing as the Lord commanded, He will always direct their steps, by His Spirit.

One thought on “Good Representation

  1. We should always make sure that our light is shining before men so they see our good works. Not for show to please man but to please God in all we do.

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