Keep Hope Alive!

Isaiah 6:1-5

The world has reached an unprecedented level of spiritual immorality. The Bible records instances when God judged entire nations of people harshly, for going against His commands, and entertaining profane and blasphemous behaviors. God hates sin, and gives no place for it, but men today seem to have literally lost their moral compass, and given in to all manner of evil and wickedness. Even some who claim to be children of God, have been tossed about, and soiled by false doctrines, causing them to walk not after the Spirit, but after the flesh. In the midst of living in a world where holiness has seemingly lost its relevance, the body of Christ must not lose sight of the thrice holy God. God is holy, meaning He is pure, morally perfect, and righteous, and He expects the same behavior to be represented by those who have been redeemed, and set free from sin. In those moments when we begin to lose sight of how immensely powerful and perfect God is, take a second to graze through the Bible, and build your faith and hope on the eternal, and all-knowing Father. The world can be a scary sight to behold at times, but knowing who holds the world in their hand, should restore the confidence many who trust in Him may have lost.

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