Called to proclaim the resurrection

Matthew 28:1-15

In this lesson, I’d like to focus on Christ’s resurrection from a different perspective; a more heavenly one. The Bible tells us clearly how Jesus lived on the earth, how he died, was buried, and resurrected with all power, but what the Bible doesn’t mention is how Heaven continued to operate while Jesus was absent. We learn in the book of John, that in the beginning was Christ, Christ was with God, and Christ was God. Jesus was there from the beginning of time, and was responsible for all things that were created. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. So, when God created a body to house the Savior, Heaven temporary lost one of its most valuable residents.

While fulfilling His mission on the earth, Jesus left a void in Heaven that could never be filled. I’m certain the angels and other heavenly beings continued to operate according to their godly functions and duties, but I can guarantee that things were a lot different up there while Christ was on the earth, correcting all of man’s mistakes. Imagine how parents feel in the moments their children go off to college. They spent countless hours per day, raising, nurturing, and caring for the needs of their child since birth. Now that the child has grown up and matured, the mere thought of being separated from them brings tears to the parent’s eyes. Although Christ left Heaven to come to earth, He was always in close contact with His Father, but He had a very important assignment to carry out, that required Him to lose all, so that we could gain all.

When Jesus was resurrected, I can imagine how excited Heaven was, as they prepared to welcome home the Son of God. Not only did Christ ascend to the Father, but He brought back a great number of Saints who had died years before He came to the earth. I mentioned a few lessons ago that we celebrate Easter, not for the candy, the bunnies, and the colored eggs, but to remember the glorious day, when Christ conquered death, hell, and the grave, and removed the stain of sin that had once bound all men to eternal damnation.

We are to spread the word of Christ’s resurrection, because many today attempt to destroy the faith of believers in the resurrection, while teaching the lie that the disciples of Jesus came by night and stole Him away while the watchers and elders slept. Many men back then were paid handsomely to protect this lie, but the truth of Jesus’ resurrection can never be hid; there’s too much evidence. Our lives are a direct representation of the love that Christ once shared in the earth. When we obey God’s commands, and commit to serving Him, the world will see a difference in how we carry ourselves, and possibly have a change of heart. Rather than boast in your money, accomplishments, social status, YouTube likes, Twitter or Instagram followers, boast in the Lord, and in His power that raised Christ from the grave.

Walk in love,


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