Mary meets Jesus outside the tomb

John 20:11-18

Have you ever heard of a grave or tomb being used twice? Well, neither have I. When a person dies, where their body is laid, is usually where it will be forever, but the tomb where the body of Jesus was placed would only occupy the space for three days, then it could be reused by whomever desired it.

Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus had to rush and bury Jesus’ body before the special Sabbath began at sunset Wednesday to sunset Thursday. They were unable to complete the anointing process of His body due to the coming of the sabbath, so they wrapped the body in linen clothes with spices, as the Jews typically prepared bodies for burial. Days later, Mary, and the other Mary (as the text reads), came early in the morning while it was still dark, to the tomb. Matthew’s account goes in-depth, and reveals that as the women approached the tomb, there was a great earthquake, as the angel of the Lord descended from Heaven, and rolled back the stone from the door and sat upon it. The appearance of the angel was so fascinating, until it scared the keepers of the tomb nearly to death. The women were reassured that Jesus had risen, as He said, and showed them where His body was laid. In John’s book, we read where Jesus told Mary not to touch Him, because He had not yet ascended to His Father, but the book of Matthew shows us where He had returned from His post resurrection ministry, and allowed the women to worship at His feet. Jesus told the women to not be afraid, and instructed them to go tell His brethren to meet Him in Galilee. Jesus no doubt used this endearing term to let His disciples know that He would not hold a grudge against them for their past behaviors and unbelief, because all their past was forgiven and forgotten forever.

This same redemption is readily available to all who accept Christ into their hearts today. Jesus’ death and resurrection was a plan set by God that satan didn’t see coming. While Satan was certainly more brilliant than any human on Earth, he isn’t omniscient or omnipresent, and totally missed what Jesus was planning to do. Salvation is what redeems men back to God, and the enemy hates it. Let’s try celebrating this Easter season different, by excluding all the bunnies and baskets of sweet treats, and focus on the true meaning of the day. Just as Mary and the others were overjoyed at the sight of the resurrected Savior, we too should give glory, honor, and praise to the One who died, was buried, and arose so that we could be relevant again in the eyes of the Creator.

Walk in love,


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