Judas returns money, hangs himself

Matthew 27:3-10

Why do the innocent suffer, at the expense of wicked men’s agendas? Throughout history, countless people have died prematurely, because evil men abused their power and authority for reasons to satisfy selfish motives and immoral desires. Even today, innocent men, women, and children are at the mercy of unjust governments, judges, and others in authority. Although vile men seem to reign in victory now, the time is soon approaching when they’ll be judged for their works.

The men who sought to kill Jesus tried over and over to devise a plan to take Him out, but their efforts proved unsuccessful. The chief priests and elders who took counsel to entrap Jesus needed a man on the inside, to help bring their plan into fruition. Judas stayed in the company of Jesus long enough to understand the value of love, and how it should be applied in the earth. He witnessed many miracles performed by Jesus, and had the power of God at his disposal, to cast out evil spirits as well. The question that comes to mind is, why didn’t he deal with the evil spirit that encouraged him to betray the very one who came to deliver him from sin? It’s kind of like standing in the pouring rain, but you remain as dry as a bone. At some point, he should have brought his evil thoughts under subjection, and asked Jesus to help him deal with his struggle. Instead, he allowed his lust for money to cloud his judgment, thus making him responsible for initiating the final moments of Jesus’ time on the earth.

After selling Jesus out for 30 pieces of silver, Judas saw how the men took his Master, and led him to be judged on false accusations. This scene struck a nerve in Judas’ mind, and caused him to have a change of heart. He felt bad for what he had done, and tried to return the money to the chief priests, in hopes that he could redeem himself for giving up an innocent man. His attempt was futile, as the men told Judas to keep the money, because they got what they desired. Verse five reads, “And he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself.” Were Judas’ actions pardoned by God, or was what he did the unforgivable sin? When we make mistakes, if we are sincere in our confession of repentance, God will forgive us. The problem is, after God has forgiven us and forgotten our sins no more, we have a tendency to continually remind ourselves of the wrongs we committed. We beat ourselves up so, until some of us actually cause physical harm to our bodies, as Judas did (suicide). God knows we will make mistakes, but He doesn’t want us to wallow in the sins we commit, especially after we repent of them. Judas probably could have bounced back from his error at some point, but killing himself didn’t put a halt to the actions he set in motion. Maybe the disciples could have helped build him up again, or even allow him time away to heal, but ending his life didn’t solve anything.

The key to overcoming your past is, giving it to God, and not beating yourself up about it (something I work on daily). God is sensitive to our weaknesses, and gives strength to all who need it. Try your best not to make the same mistakes, and be sensitive to others who do, because we can all slip up at anytime.

Walk in love,


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